A place to live 50 metres from the sea

Cugat Residencial is a hotel residence with all elderly services just 50 metres from the sea. It’s a prime spot with over 300 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 19°C.

The best retirement home by the sea



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Cugat Residencial offers various common areas: garden, library, terrace, cafe, dining hall, lounge areas, cinema, gym, hairdresser, activity hall…



In Cugat Residencial we organise different activities such as: music therapy, dance theatre, dog therapy, hug therapy, walks on the beach, films, religious services, weekly workshops, monthly events, monthly excursions…

Over 15 years of experience
caring for the elderly.

We have a lovely team of professionals working together towards a common goal.

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We bathe in Cugat
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We bathe in Cugat

Estar en primera linea de mar, nos ha permitido introducir en nuestras salidas semanales a la playa, los baños. Bañamos a nuestros Residentes. Muchos de ellos hacia muchos años que no disfrutaban de los terapéuticas aguas del Mar Mediterráneo y del Sol .No hay edad para saborear los pequeños placeres de la vida.

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Hug Therapy

Hug Therapy

The act of hugging is a common form of greeting in many parts of the world. Depending on the culture, context and the relationship, a hug indicates familiarity, affection, love or friendship.   A person can hug another as a sign of support or comfort. In some cultures and for some people, especially among strangers, a hug can feel like an invasion of personal space....

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Testimony by the family of Sr. Castro

Testimony by the family of Sr. Castro

From the first day of arrival at Cugat, I asked if I could come and go as I pleased, if I could go up to his room, if I could participate in the activities with him, in particular, if I could share all the experiences with him. The answer was always a yes. Family and friends can share all the centre’s areas  At first they...

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Xavier Cugat

Xavier Cugat

It was the end of the 80s when a real estate group we were a part of entered the world of Xavier Cugat and his environment…

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