Chatting with Sra. Emilia Comellas

Chatting with Sra. Emilia Comellas
08 Dec 2015

Experience in Cugat Residencial

I came here for the views and the environment. I saw an ad in the newspaper 10 years ago, I saved it and now here I am.

Staying here has been a pleasure. I had an issue with the housekeeper about my clothes, told him to fix it and it was solved. The response was so fast that it made me feel at ease in the centre.

I really like the building and the environment. It is very familiar, some are family here and that makes you feel comfortable and at home..

Charlando con la Sra. Emilia Comellas

I return home after a brief stay at Cugat, but I always know we’ll see each other again soon.

Emilia Comellas

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