Common Areas

In the Cugat Residencial we have various common areas:

Terrace: We have an exterior terrace with over 500 squared metres of green garden areas.

Cafe: Our cafe with drinks and snacks, offers a place where our residents, families and friends can drink something without having to travel.

Dining hall: Large and well lit, it offers two meals a day, depending on the level of assistance required by the resident.

Lounge areas: We have three areas where residents are distributed according to their cognitive capacity. They all have a television, ambience music, psychopedagogic activities and table games.

Film: The large panoramic screen shows film and documentaries every day.

Gym and Activity Hall: Perfect for physical and fun activities, programmed and directed by the centre’s professionals.

Hairdresser: Offering weekly services by appointment.


A service for every day of the year, 

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