Residence Home

For those with a sufficient degree of autonomy for activities of daily living, but who are seeking to replace their home and live in a place where they can have all the care and attention they need.

A place to live in the company of people of the same age, where socialisation is promoted. Living in a place with the security of being protected and cared for, whenever they may need. All of this is led by a large team of professionals.

At the centre interpersonal relationships are formed, social integration is encouraged, and activities are supervised on a daily basis. We have an extensive daily schedule of activities.

The resident has a private room and common services at their fingertips for whenever they need them. We guarantee all services such as, special care, maintenance, assisted living and personal support on a permanent basis.

The resident only pays the services they use on a temporary or permanent basis. All of this during the time they desire, the stay is personalised.


A service for every day of the year

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