Testimony by the family of Sr. Castro

Testimony by the family of Sr. Castro
18 Jan 2016

From the first day of arrival at Cugat, I asked if I could come and go as I pleased, if I could go up to his room, if I could participate in the activities with him, in particular, if I could share all the experiences with him. The answer was always a yes.

Family and friends can share all the centre’s areas 

At first they let him take walks by himself, until he would become disoriented.

It was difficult to change the lifestyle of such a social person, I mean, to put limitations. Sometimes the professionals of the centre are more concerned for him than the family.

He felt at home, but with all the services he needed at hand.

I knew they took good care of him because they would ask me for hygene equipment. It gave me a feeling of certainty that everyone was doing their job right, but moreover I felt that they went the extra mile. They made sure he had his cologne, deodorant, razors… this marked the difference.

I’m a professor and know that you can treat your students well, but when a student falls ill and you ask them, how are you?, that is when you stop being the professional and you become a person.

This is the bonus you get at Cugat; residents are treated as people. Not only this, but the care takers even treated him like their own rather, no condescending, they did it with their heart.

The activities at the centre, for my taste aren’t as intellectually enriching for my taste although I also understand that my father’s generation didn’t go to school, and the type of entertainment they enjoy is different – dominos, bingo, cards…

I saw the social instructor dressed as a clown, having a good time, a cook not only cooking but also going to the dining hall to chat with the residents, the maintenance guy who would sit and speak with my father. It is a treatment that, many times is imperceptible, but exists.

Since I visited at different hours I saw the daily interactions with the whole team.

In this centre they do great work, with care and a strong dedication from those who work there and who are a delight to see. It is greatly appreciated. 

It’s that added value where you feel like more than just a client, because there is a sentimental familiarity and humanity.

The care at Cugat is exactly what I’d like to have when I am older.

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