Xavier Cugat

Xavier Cugat
08 Dec 2015

It was the end of the 80s when a real estate group we were a part of entered the world of Xavier Cugat and his environment. A “universal Catalan”, extraordinary musician, with a strong and extensive social life, a great personality in international show business.

He searched for financing to carry out his “global tribute” and appreciation to his friends…

We loved the idea and decided to collaborate with the endearing, adventurous and fun project, to produce a film with his Hollywood friends from 50 – 60 years.

We had participation from artists of prestige, such as Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Charles Aznavour, Charo Baeza, Tom Jones, Abbe Lane, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Ricardo Montalbán, Mario Moreno, Esther Williams and Julio Iglesias… and to interview most of them we had to travel with the whole team to film in the US.

That said, Xavier Cugat lived most of his life abroad, never losing his love for his country. He was a very dynamic and cheerful person. He wanted his name to be reflected in his country, in the environment of the elderly, with the will to live.

After some years the company changed its real estate activities and entered in the elderly sector. They carried out a market study and decided to establish a Residential Centre for the Elderly in the Garraf area, given its strategic location and unbeatable climate.

The negotiations weren’t easy given the economical conditions and the fact that Xavier Cugat insisted that his name would always be related to the project in some form. With that idea, this project was born and the centre for the elderly was created, with hotel services and personalised care. We wanted ONE PLACE TO LIVE, following Cugat’s life philosophy that accompanied him in old age.

Inspired by the project Sun City from the US, decided to construct a hotel for the elderly with all the services of a residence. A place where you could retire, with 24-hour assistance, but as our beloved “Cugui”, said, with a “huge desire to live”.

Little by little he left us this extensive work. We can say that the Residential Centre was his last work.

. We are lucky to be able to offer such a special residential service, following his instructions that accompany him even after he is at rest. In fact, his epitaph in the Girona cementary, reads “Cugat que va viure” (Cugat who lived).

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